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Drying tunnel

Design and construction of a wide range of drying tunnels for the drying of water and solvent-based coatings.

The proposed solutions guarantee maximum drying performance with uniform distribution of supply and exhaust air and temperature along the entire section of the tunnel.

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Additional configurations and equipment

They can also be used to cool the previously coated and dried backing by sending air at room or cold temperature (by a chiller).

Additional equipment:

  • Sensors for measuring process air humidity
  • Sensors for measuring the temperature of the coated material
  • Sensors to detect the solvent concentration inside the tunnel

    The nozzles are easily removable for cleaning and interchangeability and we can propose three configurations:

    • Impingement
    • Floatation
    • Vacutex®

    Possibility of inserting a heat exchanger for energy recovery.

    Process air heating via:

    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Diathermic oil


    Floatation Nozzles with IR

    System advantages

    • High efficiency
    • Absence of lateral air flows with consequent improvement in safety conditions in the case of solvent-based coatings
    • Low energy consumption
    • Perfect web handling
    • Optimal air distribution both transversally and longitudinally
    • Maximum accessibility for maintenance and cleaning operations
    • Clear separation of upper and lower air flows