Converting lines

Lacquering lines for paper, films and aluminum

Custom tailored lines for the lacquering of paper, films and aluminum using solvent-based, water-based, UV or electron beam cross-linking technologies.

We can provide our customers with the best available technology (BAT solutions) to be highly competitive on the market.

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Process description

The primary backing is coated by the coating unit which can vary depending on the rheology of the lacquer used. Subsequently, the coated material enters the drying tunnel which carries out the evaporation of the vehicle (solvent or water) or the UV or electron beam curing of the lacquer itself which is then “fixed” on the support.

This process can be repeated in-line depending on the number of layers needed. Finally, the lacquered backing can possibly be laminated and subsequently rewound onto a reel.

The product obtained combines the physical/chemical properties of the various layers that compose it.

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Application Sectors

Some application markets:

  • lacquering of paper or films to increase the technical/physical properties of the product (barrier effect)
  • paper lacquering for vacuum pre- and post-metallization process
  • aluminum lacquering for the pharmaceutical, food, wine and industrial sectors