Converting lines

Slitter rewinders for self-adhesive tape and labels

Slitting and rewinding lines for self-adhesive tapes and labels with the following configurations.

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Self-adhesive and double-sided tapes

Slitter rewinders

Semi-automatic or automatic slitter-rewinders with turret rewinder for 1″ and 3″ rolls complete with packaging lines.

  • Soundproof cabin on unwinder.
  • Interchangeable slitting groups with razor cutting or pressure knives.
  • Trim rewind groups.
  • Double-sided tape application unit.
  • Automatic final cut.
  • Automatic core threading loader.
  • Possible robot for spindles handling (for semi-automatic lines).


Fully automatic lines designed to rewind reels with small diameters.

The same line can be used for subsequent processing on the lathe for cutting the adhesive tapes.

Complete with final cut with band inserter.

Self-adhesive labels

Twin shaft slitter rewinders

Slitter rewinder with rewinding on frictioned or expandable shafts.

  • web path on the floor or on the bridge.
  • Slitting with razor blades or circular knives.
  • Manual or electric reel unloading system.


  • Splice table
  • Trim exhauster
  • Automatic knife positioning system
  • Automatic core positioning system on the rewinding shafts or, alternatively, laser pointer for core positioning by the operator

Slitter rewinders with center-peripheral winding

Slitter rewinder with central drive rewinding with overhead film passage.

Independent rewinder stations with individual pressure roller. The unloading system, the automatic positioning of the slitting units as well as of the rewinding units and the high degree of automation of this machine offer the possibility of obtaining high production performance and very high quality standards.


  • Splice table
  • Trim exhauster
  • Automatic knife positioning system