Our services

We provide to our customers highly technological lines and equipment as well as the services related to them for correct functioning over time.

We also offer a management for second hand lines.

TB5SB Taglierine ribobinatrici per carta, films ed alluminio

Newly built lines and plants

We can provide to our customers the best available technology (BAT solutions) of lines and plants.

  • Coating lines for self-adhesive tapes and self-adhesive labels
  • Silicone coating line and lacquering lines for paper, films and aluminium
  • Extrusion coating lines
  • Slitting and rewinding lines for flexible packaging, self-adhesive tapes and labels
  • Doctor machines and core cutters
  • Solvent recovery plants and RTO
  • Complete reel loading and unloading systems with reel handling

What we offer: Service, Rebuilding, Relocation and Safety

In addition to the sale of lines and plants, we also take care of keeping them efficient and functional over time:

  • ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance

  • system upgrade

  • relocation

  • safety


Qualified technicians carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the lines, preventing malfunctions.

Installation and Relocation

Installation of new production lines and plants or relocation with turnkey solution from one production site to another.


Investing in safety is a factor of primary importance. Maintaining a safe working environment is a duty.

Second hand management

Our service is to find a new location for the used lines by searching for a possible buyer on the market.


Construction of lines and plants

The creation of industrial lines and plants for converting involves the transformation of raw or semi-finished materials into finished products through specific production processes.