Keeping production plants efficient is our target. Qualified technicians take care of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the equipment.

In addition to the on-site technical intervention we can also supply all the necessary spare parts.

In the case of obsolete parts, we are available to offer the best updated solutions aimed at an upgrade/rebuilding both from a mechanical and automation point of view.

Service - manutenzione Impianti

Some examples of activities:

  • Addition of printing elements, coating units, auxiliary equipment (corona treaters, inspection systems, web cleaners, etc)
  • Optimization of web handling
  • Optimization of existing ventilation or various modifications
  • Complete overhaul of lines
  • Renovation of the supervision system
  • Complete replacement of electrical panels
  • Replacement of PLC, drives and/or motors
  • Replacement of winders (unwinder – winder)
Manutenzione Impianti

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

We also offer our PMP (Scheduled Maintenance Plan) synonymous with maximum efficiency of the production line at the lowest cost. Preventing possible malfunctions means avoiding costly machine downtime and lost production.

Another of our targets is to reduce machine downtime due to breakdowns with timely interventions. To complete the “Service” package, we offer the possibility of remote service via the internet or telephone network.