Spare Parts

Coating Units

We have a wide range of coating units suitable for water-based, solvent, solventless and hot melt coating.

Wide range of spreading elements

Our coating range is made up of traditional rotogravure systems (with traditional doctor blade or with chamber), passing from multi-roller systems (semiflexo, flexo or multi-roller) up to cutting-edge systems such as application dies, single or double pressurized chamber and the innovative curtain coating.

Another strong point is represented by the IN-LINE COATER coating unit for stretch film production lines.

With this unit it is possible to carry out the coating of one side or simultaneously of the two sides of the film between the longitudinal and transversal orientation groups.

The same technology has also been applied in the self-adhesive market for simultaneous coating of top coat and primer.

The choice of configuration to use depends on the quality requirements of the product, the physical properties of the coating, the speed of application and the final characteristics of the product.

Coating Die

Solutions provided

All the various systems can be supplied as a stand-alone solution or on a trolley for easy interchangeability with other coating unit for a quick job change.

Our systems are modular and can be adapted to your needs for optimal use of the space available on the line.