Converting lines

Extrusion coating

Custom tailored lines for the extrusion of polymers for coating and possible lamination of various types of backings (paper, films and aluminium) in order to obtain a single structure composed of multiple layers.

We can provide our customers with the best available technology (BAT solutions) to be highly competitive on the market.

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Process description

The polymer is melted and mixed by an extruder and, by an application die, a uniform film is deposited on a primary backing which can subsequently be laminated with a secondary material.

The molten polymer then acts as a binding layer. The substrate that is produced during the process is then rewound on the rewinder. The product obtained combines the physical/chemical properties of the various layers that compose it.

Extruder with Die

Application Sectors

Some application markets:

  • flexible packaging
  • liquid packaging
  • industrial packaging for insulation or protection
  • bags for industrial use