Silicone coating liners for paper and film

Custom tailored lines for silicone coating on paper and film using solvent-based, water-based or solventless with thermal or UV curable coatings.
We can provide to our customers the best available technology (BAT solutions) to be highly competitive in the market.

Some areas of application:
  • paper and film liner release for self-adhesive labels and double sided tapes
  • liner release for hygiene applications
  • liner release for general purpose

Process description
The backing is unwound from the unwinder and subsequently coated by a coating unit that can vary depending on the silicone rheology to be used. Later, the coated backing runs inside the dryer which, depending on the rheology of the silicone, makes the evaporation of the carrier (solvent or water) or the thermal or UV curing in order to "fix" the coating on the backing.
Finally, the coated backing may possibly be moisturized and be rewound on a reel.

The finished product combines the physical/chemical properties of the various layers that compose it.