Lacquering lines for paper, film and aluminium foil

Custom tailored lines for paper, film or aluminium foil using solvent-based, water-based, UV or electron beam curable coatings.
We can provide to our customers the best available technology (BAT solutions) to be highly competitive in the market.

Some areas of application:
  • films lacquering for increasing the technical/physical properties of the product (barrier effect) after the production (by extrusion) of the film itself
  • paper lacquering for pre and post vacuum metallizing
  • aluminum foil lacquering for pharmaceutical, food, wine and industrial applications

Process description:
The backing is unwound from the unwinder and subsequently coated by a coating unit that can vary depending on the lacquer rheology to be used. Later, the coated backing runs inside the dryer which, depending on the rheology of the lacquer, makes the evaporation of the carrier (solvent or water) or the UV or electron beam curing in order to "fix" the coating on the backing.
This process can be repeated in line according to the number of layers needed on the final product.
Finally, the coated backing may possibly be laminated (in this case a coating unit has been used to coat an adhesive) and be rewound on a reel.

The finished product combines the physical / chemical properties of the various layers that compose it.