Surface inspection cameras

Web inspection system with linear cameras for surface inspection.
Suitable for paper, films (transparent and not), aluminium foil and metal coated materials.
It's able to inspect the material (100% of the web width) at the maximum production speed and to detect any possible defect or any intrusion into the production process.
Detect and classify defects means an improvement of the production process and an increasing productivity.

Typical defects are:
  • wrinkles
  • holes
  • intrusions
  • bubbles
  • dirty parts
  • fisheye

The operator panel provides the following informations:
  • reel report
  • material quality of the inspected reel in the transversal direction (TD)
  • material quality of the inspected reel in the machine direction (MD)
  • defects history
  • interfacing with an external flagger or marking device

The web inspector system can be installed on primary production lines (as laminating lines, films production lines, lacquering lines, vacuum metallizer lines, extrusion coating lines and coating lines) and/or converting lines (as slitter rewinder or sheeters).