Environmental air treatment

We can provide filtration and microfiltration of technological and environmental airs.
In addition to the reintegration to the environmental air sucked by production lines (environmental air exchange), the air treatment unit (UTA) can be designed to provide controlled temperature and humidity inside the production departments.
The treated air is then distributed into the production department by means of pipes and special nozzles.
The plant is "custom tailored".
Possibility of construction under ISO rules.

  • Removal of electrostatic charges in Atex environments
  • "Invisible" barrier against external contamination (pollens, flying insects, etc)
  • Energy saving with the use of adiabatic systems and heat recovery
We can also produce composite structures for creating production departments inside existing departments.
These structure are then equipped with UTA in order to filter and condition the internal environmental air.
Airlock material and personnel allow the operative flow to and from the institution.