Slitter rewinder for PSA tapes and labels

Slitter rewinders lines for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels with the following features:

Self adhesive tapes (double or one coated side tapes)

Slitter rewinders
Semi-automatic or fully automatic slitter rewinder with rewinding shafts on turret for finished rolls having an ICD 1" and 3" completed of packaging line.
Cutting system by razors or shear.
Automatic final tab application.
Automatic cut at the end of the cycle.
In line automatic cores loader.

Fully automatic lines designed for finished reels with small diameter.
This line can be also put in line with the automatic lathe-cutters for pressure adesive tapes.
Completed of automatic cut and final tap application at the end of the cycle.


Duplex shafts slitter rewinder
Slitter rewinder with differential or expanding shafts rewinding.
Cutting system by circular knives or razors.
Manual or automatic reels unloading system.

Duplex automatic turret slitter rewinder with automatic splice
Differential shafts or expanding shafts rewinding.
High performance line.
Extremely versatile for long-run productions.

Bridge overhead web path slitter rewinder
Centre drive slitter rewinder with bridge overhead web path.
Independent rewinding stations and individual lay-on roller.
Reels unloading system, automatic knives and rewinding station positioning unit and high automation level of this line offer the possibility to get high production performances to the highest standards.

  • Splice table
  • Trim exauster
  • Automatic knives positioning system
  • Automatic core loader positioning system on rewinding shafts
  • Laser pointer for core manual positioning