Coating units

We have a wide range of coating units suitable for water based, solvent based, solventless and hot melt coating.

Our range of coating stations is composed of the traditional gravure system (with traditional or enclosed chamber doctor blade), going through by the multi-rolls units (semiflexo, flexo or several more) up to the advanced coating units such as coating die, our AGS 2500 system and the curtain coating.

The choice of configuration to be used depends on the product quality requirements, the coating physical properties, the speed of application and the final features of the product.

Another strength item is represented by the IN-LINE COATING for the stretch film production lines. With this unit it is possible to perform the film coating of one side or both sides simultaneously between the longitudinal and transverse orientation units.

Our systems are modular and can be adapted to your needs for optimum use of the available space on the line.