Duplex/triplex laminators

Custom tailored lines for coating and lamination with different backings (paper, film and aluminium foil) in order to combine multiple materials togheter to obtain, at the end of the process, a single structure composed of more layers.
We can provide to our customers the best available technology (BAT solutions) to be highly competitive in the market.
The lamination can be duplex (two materials laminated together by means of adhesive) or triplex (three materials).
The adhesive can be solvent based, water based, solventless, wax or hot melt.

Some areas of application:
  • flexible packaging
  • industrial packaging
  • protective and insulation packaging

Process description
In case of adhesives with a carrier to be evaporated (water or solvent) there may be two different types of lamination. With the wet lamination, two layers are laminated through the adhesive and subsequently the web runs inside the dryer in order to make the evaporation of the carrier. With the dry lamination, the adhesive is coated on the primary backing and the lamination with the secondary layer takes place only after the carrier has been evaporated in the dryer. In the case of lamination with solventless adhesives or waxes, the adhesive is a 100% dry, and then do not need any drying.
The substrate that is produced during the process is then rewound on reel.

The finished product combines the physical/chemical properties of the various layers that compose it.